Demo presentation for movRECON now available

After a short ‘summer break’ the movX team is back again. Strengthened by a student from the TU Munich and a graduate (Master) from the University of Siegen, the areas of responsibility can be spread a little bit wider from now on.

This includes, for example, the creation of a demo presentation for the use of movX technology in the field of orthopaedics and rehabilitation. In the course of funding from the state of Rheinland-Pfalz and the EU, the movRECON application is currently being developed, which consists of two movTAG sensors and an app. In most cases, the movTAG sensors are already integrated directly into orthopaedic aids such as bandages or orthoses, but they can also be attached to the body by means of straps or sleeves.

The app is supervised by a doctor or physio, who puts together a tailor-made exercise program for the patient to be used for the prevention of complaints or rehabilitation after an operation.

The patient then simply starts his exercise program on the specified dates and is guided through the completion of his exercises. The movTAG sensor technology ensures that the exercises are carried out correctly and show the patient if he does not carry out something correctly.

This avoids incorrect performance of the individual exercises and the associated incorrect strain, which counteracts optimal recovery.

A faster healing is therefore guaranteed! 🙂

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