Influence of digitisation will significantly shape the new decade

Regardless of whether you were able to experience the turn of the year with classic fireworks or, as in many places, with colourful and impressive light shows by high-tech drones, we hope that you have come into the New Year well rested and above all healthy.

2020 marks the beginning of a new decade in which it is already certain that, as digitalisation continues to advance, there will be some fundamental will bring about changes. What exactly these changes are, how quickly they will actually take place and what consequences they will have for us humans or the society, can only be guessed at in some places.

The Consumer Electronics Show – CES for short – which is held every year at the beginning of January in Las Vegas, counts as a first important indicator of innovative technical developments. Since yesterday the fair has opened its doors again and invites visitors to discover the latest and most modern product concepts and trend gadgets for mobility, Smart Home, IoT and Gaming, as well as many other areas to experience and try out. With a few exceptions, all major companies from the automation, electronics, Internet and digital industries are represented here, which have had a decisive influence on our everyday life or profession over the last few years and in many cases have become indispensable.

A lot has also happened at our company over the past year that we would hardly have thought possible in some places before. Starting with the first own hardware series production, with a completely new structure, new components and a new housing, via numerous new app features for motion analysis and evaluation up to a completely revised app design.

In less than 3 weeks, we will present some of these innovations at the ISPO fair in Munich, where we will have its own stand for the first time this year.

However, this is only the beginning of our planned path and we can hardly wait for the to address challenges.

More news about the latest developments will follow soon! 🙂

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