movX visits the running laboratory in Jena

Our “round trip” continues. This week movX visited the team of Mischa Zlotowski in the Lauflabor Jena.

In the running laboratory the Bodytronic treadmill analysis “Professional” is in use, which can record the athlete’s movements with several cameras in two levels.

While such or similar optical analysis systems are part of the basic equipment of any motion laboratory, they are subject to some limitations, such as being limited to a stationary detectable measuring area as well as a very rigid angle of view – independent of the number of cameras – on the motion.

Exactly this is one of the big advantages of the movX sensor system, because it is not only easy to transport and can be used flexibly at any place, but also records the movement as a 3D video animation with a freely selectable viewing angle setting. This can be done at runtime, but also in the post-analysis, so that every position on a “fictitious” surrounding sphere is reached. The recorded motion data is also extremely precise and is not subject to any perspective distortion.

Due to the significantly lower acquisition costs, as well as a reduction in the time required for the preparation and post-processing of measurements, it is only a matter of time before there is a “changing of the guard” for the established technologies in motion analysis.

We at movX continue to work on our vision every day and are very confident that together with experts we can improve the care and treatment of patients in the long term! 🙂

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