movX develops first sensor attachment for the shoe

The realization that very precise movements can be detected and analyzed with the sensor system of movX is a certainty for more than three years.

An essential role plays the choice of the right mounting for the sensors, so that this can be done quick and flexibly, while offering a secure hold on the moving object at the same time.

This has often proved to be a real challenge, especially when measuring with test persons.

What had long since been comfortably solved on the arms, legs and hips with straps or sleeves was still a problem for the foot.

However, an elaborate fastening underneath the lacing or with special adhesive surfaces, was out of the question.

After a few (self-)attempts, we developed our own construction, with which a clipped-in movTAG can be attached to the shoe within a few seconds – without any damage or residue.

The result is definitely impressive.

If you have become curious, then visit our web shop in the coming weeks! 🙂

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