movX manufactures new charging adapter

Slowly the developments at movX are taking more and more shape. Our movTAGs have been ready for distribution in the first generation since the beginning of the year, but until now there was still a lack of a corresponding charging adapter.

The requirements for this adapter were defined quite quickly. It should be ensured that the movTAGs have a tight fit and do not slip or fall out at the slightest vibration. In addition to the conception of the support plate and pockets, special spring pins were designed by the company itself and integrated into the Chassi in such a way that they adapt to the movTAG pad even under very light pressure, but still provide a stable connection to the charging.

The result can definitely be seen.

The current generation of movTAGs, as well as the corresponding charging adapter, were primarily created for cooperation partners and universities. At the beginning of 2021, a complete system will be launched on the market, which can be purchased by the end consumer with appropriate application programs.

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