Easter greetings from movX

As a start for the easter weekend we wrote a little poem:

    Now green what only green can do,
    the trees` are starting to bloom.
    Green meadows, flowers and some bumblebees.
    there’s that buzzing and mumbling again.
    Birds sing here and there,
    the wind carries the scent of flowers away.

      The sunshine is coming in now
      and the world shines in a new light.

        Whether it’s Wissen, Beijing or Arizona.
        there’s only one thing going on right now – Corona.
        This Easter we celebrate with masks
        communication is only possible via keys.
        It’s not much of a problem there,
        because it’s finally family time.

          To this glorious celebration,
          there’s still some candy and colored eggs.
          Hidden in the house or garden,
          the little ones can’t wait to find it.

            For the big ones, the hustle and bustle is a delight,
            there’s a lot to see and sunshine to boot.

              Squeeze your loved ones and pause a little,
              from movX very many greetings in this sense.

Don’t let the fun and joy of life be spoiled – together we will get through this difficult time!

Your movX team 🙂

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