Ski jump measurements with movX

Yesterday and today, the movX team visited the Olympic training center in Freiburg (OSF) to take its first measurements in ski jumping under the direction of Dr. Rapp.

For this purpose both the 70 m and the 90 m ski jump of the ski jumping facility in Hinterzarten were inclused (see cover picture).

In order to analyse the movement sequence during ski jumping, a total of 3 movTag prototypes were used, while they were attached to both skis and the back of the body. In the long term, additional movTags are to be included to be able to grasp the movement of the ski jumper even more holistically.

With the attached movTag prototypes it was possible to obtain information about the foot angle left/right, the ski angle left/right, the V-angle, as well as the angle of attack and the body angle.

After the measurements were carried out, the evaluation of the recorded data showed very good results compared to already existing findings from various studies despite the very provisional measurement set-up and the small amount of data.

All in all this was a really promising start for measurements in winter sports in general – not just in ski jumping – with the usage of sensors!

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