movACTIVE is a product for sports. Wherever cyclical or more complex movements have to be analyzed, movACTIVE is used to improve its technology.

Ziel ist die optimale Bewegung eines jeden Sportlers. Dadurch wird nicht nur der Bewegungsablauf verbessert, sondern dies führt zu einer gesteigerten Leistung und vermeidet Fehlbelastungen und beugt somit Verletzungen vor.

Bei einer Trainingsanalyse macht es wenig Sinn, den kompletten Bewegungsapparat zu kontrollieren. Bei Korrekturen für mehrere Bereiche gleichzeitig, wäre der Athlet überfordert. Daher ist es sinnvoll sich für die Analyse gezielt auf ein Körpersegment oder ein bestimmtes Gelenk zu beschränken. Dies können die Beine, die Arme oder andere Körpersegmente sein, welche in der Regel mit 2 bis 5 Sensoren sehr gut erfasst werden können.

The goal is the optimal movement of every athlete. This not only improves the sequence of movements, but also leads to increased performance and avoids incorrect loads and thus prevents injuries.

In a training analysis it makes little sense to control the entire musculoskeletal system. If corrections are made for several areas at the same time, the athlete would be overwhelmed. Therefore, it makes sense to limit the analysis to a specific body segment or a specific joint. These can be the legs, the arms or other body segments, which can usually be very well detected with 2 to 5 sensors.

The areas of application are so numerous that corresponding profiles have been created for each sport and body segment. In addition, these profiles can be used to extract distinctive angle and acceleration data over the entire course of the film.

Another possibility of analysis is an actual/target comparison.

The athlete simulates a movement with an optimal movement (e.g. tee shot during golf or serve during tennis). This execution is stored as a target movement. Now it is possible to perform this movement under real conditions and to superimpose these two images.

This is how differences in movement can be detected very quickly and corrected with the right conclusions.

Application example: Ski jump with evaluation

The 3 sensors alone – one on the ski and one on the hip – provide a multitude of important data that are indispensable for technical analysis. With 2 additional sensors to measure the knee and hip angle during the jump, together with the acceleration values, the result is an unprecedented analysis system.

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