The movCHALLENGE offers a unique opportunity to playfully compete with friends and colleagues in the performance of various exercises. These can be selected on the basis of an already existing, but constantly growing exercise catalogue. Depending on the selected exercise, several sensors are then independently attached to defined body parts and the challenge can begin.

Such a challenge can take place both in single player mode in the fight against oneself and one’s own ability to suffer, but also in multiplayer mode, with the possibility of either coupling the end devices (e.g. smartphones or tablets) of up to 4 participants directly or connecting to each other via the Internet, regardless of the location. For the objective of the Challenge, 3 different settings can be selected: Who will last the longest?, Who will do the most repetitions? and Who will do the exercise best? The movCHALLENGE provides the corresponding answer automatically, by controlling the execution of the exercise – as a kind of referee – and the integrated evaluation with high score ranking.

Whether in the club, in leisure time or at events such as weddings or birthdays, movCHALLENGE brings sport and fun together in equal measure and offers a completely new form of playful entertainment.