With movFIT you have a virtual trainer who automatically controls and logs your exercises. Only 2-5 sensors are required, which are attached to the body at defined positions. In the app you can easily create individual training plans with different exercises. These exercises have different levels of difficulty, so that beginners as well as advanced users can find the suitable exercises.


The constantly expandable exercise catalogue contains exercises for general body strengthening. These are explained in an animated video.

An exercise can be performed on a time basis or alternatively according to the number of repetitions.

For each exercise there is a load indicator, which is included in the individual evaluation at the end of a training session.

Sensor attachment

Each exercise is monitored with the movX sensors, that provide a visual, tactile or acoustical feedback during the exercise. The attachment of the movX sensors is displayed before the start of each exercise.

Training plan

From the exercise catalog you can freely create a training plan.

With the indication of the break times and the rounds, one can vary a later training very easily.

Training execution

After the training plans have been created once, they can be called up and executed at any time. The app guides you through the training.

The execution of the individual exercises is also displayed directly in 3D with the corresponding angle data.


Ascertaining the quality of the performance of the individual exercises in combination with the load indicator, a score is calculated for the training.

This way you get a comparison and reference point for further training units as well as for the training progress.


There are different exercise packages available for movFIT, which can be individually extended at any time. If you have special exercises, we are happy to accept your wishes and customize them to suit you. We look forward to your suggestions.