Physiotherapists and doctors (practices, clinics and rehabilitation centres) usually only have the possibility to care for their patients on the basis of a snapshot during their stay in the practice or hospital. In case of injuries as well as wear and tear, the normal healthy movement is sometimes severely impaired, which can lead to imbalances that are often unconsciously maintained even after healing.

With the use of movRECON a targeted care of the patients can be ensured around the clock, which is very helpful especially in case of joint pain and in the postoperative care. Without the presence of a physician, the patient is informed when he or she is not moving correctly and at the same time shows what needs to be changed. This enables the patient to return to a homogeneous and above all pain-free sequence of movements more quickly.

In addition, it is also possible to use it for special functional training in order to improve both muscle build-up and mobility of the patient.

This is not only suitable after surgery, but also as prevention. The exercises prescribed by the physiotherapist can thus be checked for correct execution without the physiotherapist being present. In addition, the patient has the possibility to visually “pre-turn” his exercises by overlaying an animation with the correct movement of the patent. The patient only has to follow the movement of the animation.

The system then provides the physiotherapist with data on the progress and correctness of the exercises performed.

Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)

Independent living is the most important need of elderly or health impaired people, in addition to the overriding desire for health. The better solution – monitoring instead of care.

With the movX technology it is easy to see which daily activities a person is doing and whether they are standing, sitting, lying, walking or running. Thus it is obvious whether the person is following a normal daily routine. The data can also be used to draw conclusions about the health of the person being monitored if, for example, irregularities such as frequent toilet visits or prolonged periods of lying down are detected during the course of the day.

However, fall detection is particularly important. As soon as an unnatural movement is detected, the system detects it and then issues a message via a configurable alarm coupling.

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