Press article for the ISPO in general

movX GmbH with revolutionary motion analysis system at the sports fair ISPO

The company movX, based in Wissen (Sieg), will take part in the sports fair ISPO in Munich from 28th to 31th January 2018. ISPO Munich is the world’s largest trade fair for sporting goods and sports fashion.

The company presents its two systems movACTIVE and movRECON. The patented products use several completely new and networked sensors to capture, analyze and visualize movements.

movACTIVE is aimed primarily at running, but will be ported to many other sports at short notice. movRECON is intended for orthopedics and rehabilitation after injuries and surgery.

Unlike commercially available wearables and sensors, joint and body angles can be captured with the movX systems. This is the key to analyzing cyclic and complex movements.

The sensors can be comfortably worn directly on the body or inside the sportswear. The data is transmitted by radio to a suitable device such as a smartphone or a smartwatch. Immediately after receiving and processing the data, there is a feedback for the motion correction available. For the athlete, the system is something like the always-present virtual personal trainer.

In the rehabilitation area, movRECON can permanently monitor the joint angles of the affected joints (for example after a meniscus operation), giving doctors and therapists essential and important data on the healing process and planning further measures. The system also supports the patient when performing exercises at home.

The company has developed the system with hard- and software completly by itself at the sites Wissen and Böblingen and will be launching movACTIVE in mid-2018. movRECON will follow a few months later. At present, the company is expanding and looking for qualified employees to exploit the great potential of this idea and its associated patent.