Press article movACTIVE

is the personal, always available electronic personal trainer

The company movX, based in Wissen (Sieg), will take part in the sports fair ISPO in Munich from 28th to 31th January 2018. ISPO Munich is the world’s largest trade fair for sporting goods and sports fashion.

The company introduces its movACTIVE system there. The patented product uses several completely new and networked sensors to capture, analyze and visualize movements.

movACTIVE is primarily aimed at running, but will soon be ported to numerous other sports. Unlike standard wearables and sensors, joint and body angles can be detected. This is the key to analyzing cyclic and complex movements.

The sensors can be comfortably worn directly on the body or inside the sportswear. The data is transmitted by radio to a suitable device such as a smartphone or a smartwatch. Immediately after receiving and processing the data by a supplied app, there is a feedback for the motion correction available. For the athlete, the system is something like the always-present virtual personal trainer.

The movX team goes further than the previous manufacturers of similar systems. Never before have multiple identical sensors on the body been wirelessly and portably networked and their data synchronized. This was due to various difficulties: transmission capacity of Bluetooth Low Energy and the common hardware interfaces, battery life, size and weight of the sensors. The movX developers, however, managed to get a handle on these problems, so a movACTIVE sensor weighs in at 9.5 g and measures 27x29x9 mm. The battery life is about 20 h under full load (constantly online). A standard smartphone can support 7 sensors in parallel.

In practice, the system compares the current movement of the user with the optimal movement for him. This can be created on the basis of body characteristics for the athlete or developed together with a trainer. If the movement in the eyes of the trainer is correct, it can be recorded and saved as an “optimal pattern”.

The problem that reoccurs to an athlete over and over again, when he or she starts training alone after a good “adjustment” of movement by a coach, is the relapse into old unfavorable movement patterns. Here no coach can correct and a self-control, if at all, can only be performed by very experienced athletes. The movACTIVE system jumps into this gap, continuously controls and corrects the movement and provides comprehensive data for analyzing the training session.

The two founders of movX Thomas Steiger and Torsten Völkel had the idea for the revolutionary system for their own physical activity. For many years Thomas Steiger has been a successful competitive athlete in javelin throwing and multi-discipline competitions (multiple German championships and placings at World and European Championships). Torsten Völkel is a multiple triathlon long and middle distance finisher (winner of the Erdinger TriOpen 2013) and now a licensed triathlon and personal trainer. In the constant search for the optimal technique for themselves and the supervised athletes, the two engineers decided to cross their long technical experience with their sporting expertise. The result was movACTIVE.

The system has the potential to shake up many other sports and set new standards in optimizing complex motion sequences.

Currently movACTIVE can record and analyze different joint angles (single and complete chains). A real-time feedback is displayed on Android-compatible smartphones and Garmin Connect IQ compatible sportwatches and bike computers. This is shown by movX at the ISPO. The support for iOS and other smartwatches will also be added in the near future. Likewise, algorithms for analyzing even more complex motion sequences are successively integrated.

The company has developed the system with hard- and software completly by itself at the sites Wissen and Böblingen and will be launching movACTIVE in mid-2018. movRECON will follow a few months later. At present, the company is expanding and looking for qualified employees to exploit the great potential of this idea and its associated patent.