The idea behind movX technology is to capture, analyze and optimize complex motion sequences of any kind with the help of a portable sensor system. The data and its 3D representation can not only help coaches and athletes, but also support physiotherapists and doctors in caring for their patients.

The ultimate goal is to identify and improve weak points in everyday movements, sports and home exercises. This makes it very easy to avoid incorrect loads and imbalances, but also to effectively prevent injuries. This leads to an overall more harmonious and healthier sequence of movements.

The user should be able to monitor his own movements anytime and anywhere and to correct them if necessary. This is done with the help of a flexibly adaptable feedback system and a freely selectable 360° all-round perspective for the recorded movement in the 3D simulation.


The movX technology is based on a novel sensor system in which several similar sensors are wirelessly networked with a suitable recording device, such as a smartphone, a smartwatch or a laptop. Bluetooth Low Energy (BT-LE), one of the most widely used open radio standards, was used for communication.

Each of the sensors contains a BT-LE microprocessor, a 9-axis inertial sensor (3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer), a memory unit, a charging module and an innovative switch- and charging-concept without external buttons. The power supply is provided by an extremely durable 3.7V lithium polymer battery (LiPo).


During the movement, the data recorded by the sensors are continuously transmitted to the recording device via radio. Once the data has been received, it is first synchronized and then processed.

By using complex algorithms, it is possible to record the movements of several sensors as a coherent, multi-unit object and to convert them into a 3D representation.

The executed movement is transferred to a 3D avatar – as an authentic image – and displayed as a simulation.


The patented movX technology is to be launched on the market with the products movACTIVE for the sports sector and movRECON for the health/rehab sector.
The introduction of the product movFIT for the fitness sector is already planned in advance. Further information on the status of development and the individual products can be found here.