About us

The movX GmbH with the seat in knowledge, was notarised on 08.11.2017 and officially took up its business on 01.01.2018. The company originates from the engineering office Völkel & Steiger (in short: IVS Engineering GbR), which has successfully provided services in the IT sector, the telecommunications and automotive industry, alongside numerous other technical areas for 20 years.

Our team consists of experienced engineers who have extensive technical know-how in the areas of hardware (including embedded systems, sensors, wireless communication) and software (including app /web development, databases, architecture). In addition to this is, most of us have many years of sporting experience as a former competitive athletes, active age-class athletes and coaches.

Against this background, the decision was also made to found an independent GmbH with the clear goal of ensuring the implementation and marketing of a new wearable technology that will decisively influence the sports, fitness and health market in the future.

We invite you to join us on this journey (as co-workers), to help shape the development of our products (as testers) or simply to share news and trends in sports, fitness, health and technology through our website track (as part of the movX community).

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us, by using our contact form, talking to our contacts or leaving us a message by mail at info@movx.eu.

Improve your move and move forward with us!